leadership development programs

Leadership Development

Most organizations believe that they are in need of more leadership in order to drive performance under ever more complex trading conditions, whether caused by globalization, market conditions or political shifts in the approach to issues such as climate change and corporate social responsibility.

A range of leadership workshops are carefully designed to address the personal and organizational needs of the client and the target group of participants. Important components considered in the design of each programme are the culture, work style and expectations of leaders within the organization.

Programmes are offered for leaders at any level within the organization, from employees taking on leadership roles for the first time to senior executives wishing to enhance their leadership skills.

Examples of modules that can be included:

  1. Feedback
    Giving and receiving effective feedback.
  2. Leadership Skills Inventory
    Understand the characteristics of great leaders in different contexts and environments. Assessing participants’ leadership skills against these characteristics to understand current standings, and as a benchmark for improvement.
  3. Objective Setting and Performance Management
    Tools and techniques for setting targets and managing individual and team performances. Vital to guide teams towards achieving organizational goals.
  4. Situational Leadership
  5. Different leadership styles and methods that can be utilized which varies according to specific situations, such as competencies of employees, and development levels.