Our Team

We believe successful team building starts with our team. The team at Asia Ability are carefully chosen, highly skilled and meticulously trained. They are passionate about the power of team building to bringing change to individuals and organisations, which manifests itself in our dynamic events.

David Powell

Managing Director

A teambuilding Innovator with 25 years’ experience delivering the very best team events around the Asia Pacific region.

Audrey Jinivon

General Manager

The General of the team. Passionate and amazingly energetic multitasker.

David Fotheringham

Director & Consultant

A world class lead facilitator who brings passion and professionalism to every opportunity to connect.

Hailin Gambud

Business Development Director

The ‘yes ‘ girl with fantastic energy and organizational capability.

Sonia Jacob

Operations Manager

Event Design and Delivery at the highest quality standards.

Mark Stanley

Senior Facilitator and Training Consultant

The people’s person – outgoing, confident and a talented facilitator.

Finella Maurice

Admin and Accounts Manager

Bookkeeper of the house - Overlooking every movement behind the scene.

Lance Aloysius

Sales & Marketing Executive

The all-rounder. Sales driven and always ready to get his hands dirty.

Delia Jinivon

Programme Coordinator

Brilliant and meticulous - Building wonderful experiences for all

Bethcy Soumin

Programme Coordinator

Engaged and Driven - Always up for the challenge

Valerie Chin

Programme Coordinator

Experience Focused - Team player and Cheerleader.