About Us

About Asia Ability

Asia Ability has been designing and delivering creative, high quality, personal development and team effectiveness programmes throughout South East Asia since 1996. We now also conduct these professional programs on a virtual platform.


Asia Ability’s core business lies in developing the skills and performance of individuals and corporations through impactful learning experiences. In addition, Asia Ability brings global best practices in training and development to the Asia Pacific region.

Here at Asia Ability, we aim to share the Ability X-perience. Our wide variety of team programmes are tagged under one of the eight abilities – Activeability, Businessability, Createability, Exploreability, Innovateability, Interactability, Responsability and Rhythmability.

Core Values

Every aspect of our operation is guided by strong beliefs in our Core Values.

Ability Culture

Creating unique and impactful Ability X-periences whilst always being positive, engaging and fun!


In our programmes, activities, solutions, presentation style, business models, use of resources and every aspect of the Ability X-perience.

Customer Focused

Programmes and activities are fully customized to focus on the objectives, preferences and specific requests of each client and participant group.

Social Responsibility

Contribute positively to the local communities and the natural environment in which we operate.

Strong Relationships

Forge close bonds with all of our clients, partners, suppliers, staff and consultants. Trust, respect and integrity form the foundation of our relationships.

Asia Ability