Cartoon Capers

Teams unite to create a comic strip story board

1 - 2 hours
10 - Unlimited


A comical event of planning, communication and creativity based around the production of a giant cartoon comic strip. The challenge is for all teams to work together to create a comic strip story on large pre-drawn cartoon storyboard 'frames'. There is a sequence to the frames, but no clues as to what it is, leaving plenty of scope for lively debate as to what fits where. The event culminates in a 'live' presentation of the cartoon.

Learning Outcomes

Cartoon Capers is a fun, thought-provoking and memorable way of exploring a specific topic or, reinforcing key conference messages. The informal nature of the activity sparks lively discussion encouraging everyone to explore their thoughts and communicate them effectively to the group. Teams need to apply creativity to transfer their thoughts into the cartoons. Through artistic expression participants relax and ultimate feel proud about their achievements.

Related Testimonial

After searching for a format that could feedback our conference content in a way that would confirm delegates had absorbed and understood it, we were delighted to have chosen Cartoon Capers. It met our outcomes and has become a fun memory that is reflected on by all.


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