Silk Road

Teams compete in trading to increase their wealth

45 minutes - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
12 - Unlimited


Silk Road is a culturally based Asian business game focusing on the trading houses of the ancient Orient. Each team represents a group of traders travelling along the ancient Silk Road. Participants wear traditional silk hats and teams are given the names of cities located on the Silk Road, giving the event the feel and atmosphere one might imagine encountering in ancient market of the Orient. Each trading house receives a Chinese drawstring pouch containing jade, raw silk, horses and gold to indicate wealth and, more importantly, crucial information on the value of the items as well as information about the market for these items.

Learning Outcomes

This novel game calls upon teams to work together and resolve unforeseen obstacles with their negotiation skills, strategy planning and risk management. An excellent programme for building real commitment to strategic planning and learning the power of good information. The activity centres on establishing trust and creating win/win situations, how the teams manages this is the key to their success. Silk Road will break down barriers, unite groups while reinforcing the key principles of customer relationship management.

Related Testimonial

Silk Road was an incredibly effective way for our management team to focus on risk management, strategic planning and effective negotiation skills.

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