Develop lasting connections through structured activities & shared experience over casual interactions.

the importance of networking

Networking is a necessity for individuals and businesses. Research shows the value of building professional networks. Among other things, networking leads to business opportunities, knowledge sharing and innovation. Some people love to network while others find it a chore. It is possible to shift your mindset so that networking is viewed as an opportunity to discover and learn instead of a task that must be done. One step in this process is doing some homework before you meet the person in order to find common interests. This will make the networking experience more enjoyable and lead to better relationships.

Research shows that long lasting connections are created through structured activities and shared experience rather than casual interactions. Catalyst team building program Quickfire is well suited to conference networking. Through completing a series of mental, physical or active challenges as individuals or groups towards a team score people’s abilities and personality traits naturally come to the fore. In this situation like people gravitate, as well as, admiration is built for those of opposite skill sets or work styles. The majority of our team building activities are founded on shared experience with task interdependence and therefore have the effect of foster great memories and long lasting connections in teams and, also individuals who do not often have the opportunity to connect face-to-face.

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