Published on 9 Mar 2022 by Mark Stanley

A group of 130 participants from a multinational logistics company participated in a full day physically distanced and Covid-19 S.O.P compliant team building session up the in the chilly misty hills of Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. The delegates that consisted of a diverse demographic group experienced Team Survival, a thrilling outdoor activity in the morning and The Infinite Loop, an immersive indoor activity in the afternoon. Participants were divided into groups of six (6), each with a team leader.

Team Survival

Team Survival Logo

In the morning session with Team Survival, participants had to coordinate themselves by taking part in physical challenges and scoring points around the Colmar Tropicale area. A total of eight (8) physical challenges we set around the game area, ranging from complex puzzle challenges to athletic sports like activities. Each challenge presented a different obstacle that focused on utilizing a specific skillset.

Team Survival

Being a Survivor themed event, the finale included a strategic voting process with alliances being formed – and sometimes broken! – impacting the final scores. Following a facilitated review, the winning Tribes were announced.

The Infinite Loop

The Infinite Loop

The afternoon session posed a completely different dynamic. The Infinite Loop had participants put their communication skills to the test. The Infinite Loop is an immersive futuristic team building activity that presents a diverse series of complex puzzles. Teams were divided into two (2) main roles, one person viewing the puzzle on a laptop and the other members holding printed clue sheets.

Each puzzle viewer was required to find creative ways to describe and convey information either through detailed descriptions or physical movements. The members holding clue sheets were not allowed to look at the puzzle and would have to decipher the clues given by the puzzle viewer.

The Infinite Loop

Image: Sample Puzzle(left) -Viewed only by one person on a laptop and sample answer sheet(right) – viewed by the rest of the team

Roles are then rotated once a puzzle is solved, a player runs out of time, or fails the maximum three (3) tries of answering. This allows each team member to showcase different communication skillsets and consequently turning the activity into a powerful learning experience for the rest of the team.

The Infinite Loop

The activities were carefully designed to reconnect teams that have not been able to physically meet for an extended period and to be highly engaging. The power of this team re-engagement process was clearly displayed during the structured debrief process where teams and individuals shared the key lessons learned.

All programs were conducted successfully in controlled manner to ensure participant’s safety, respecting the Covid-19 S.O.Ps while providing an extraordinary team building experience.

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