The Big Picture Online

Create a collective team work of art, wherever you are.

1 - 1.5 hours
8 - Unlimited


Teams are divided into breakout groups. They download their team’s virtual canvases. Teams start by taking a 'virtual grand tour' through the leading museums in the world, answering art-related quiz questions along the way. A correct answer awards them vital RGB codes that they will use to apply the right colour to their digital painting segment. Participants share the information they have discovered with their team. Any missing information, they will need to request information from other teams. They then set about to paint their segments of the Big Picture. Once complete, teams save and submit their images. The paintings are compiled to create a collective work of art. The event facilitator reveals the image to the group and guides them through a discussion of key learnings from the event based on the result! Like this product? Check out The Big Picture live, hybrid and multi-location.

Learning Outcomes

Just like the in-person version, in its hybrid or remote forms, the Big Picture continues to be the leading team building activity to highlight the importance of collaboration and clear communication. Acquiring the colour codes to complete the picture requires problem-solving and creative thinking. Achieving a coherent "Big Picture" requires a non-competitive mindset and collaboration within and between teams.

The "Big Picture" image can be customized to reflect your brand and company values. Depending on your requirements, you can decide whether participants will paint their segments digitally, with paints, crayons or another medium.

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Remote Team Activity

This activity has been designed for people who work remotely. Your team may be working from home, in different regional office locations or in different countries! Love the theme but want a face to face or hybrid solution? Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for your team.

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Web and App based remote team building programs

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