Explore values in a sequence of engaging challenges.

1.5 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
10 - Unlimited


Working feverishly to a deadline of 100 minutes, teams of 5-8 people pit their wits around a circuit of tricky 3-dimensional tasks. With only 20 minutes to solve each task, communication, leadership, and teamwork are all tested to the max. Unlike ordinary ‘run of the mill’ problem-solving exercises, Integrity breaks new ground by introducing a revolutionary new game dynamic where both the team, and their ‘umpire’ are scored on their performance!

At the start of each task a volunteer umpire drops back from the outbound team to monitor the inbound team. Once time is up, that umpire scores the team according to seven performance criteria and the umpire is then scored by the team. Each team also holds five ‘Integrity Stones’ to award to the umpires at their discretion. After a mind-bending rotation of five physical conundrums, teams declare their total hard-earned score sheets plus ‘Integrity Stones’, and the winners are revealed.

Learning Outcomes

Explore values, and a sense of ‘what’s right’ in this clever, taxing, and well thought out sequence of challenges. Integrity offers an engaging platform where participants analyse communication, leadership, develop agile teams, and highlight individual personality traits.

Balance your team’s thinking in 100 minutes. The subtle underlying business message, gradually revealed through the course of the game, encourages participants to view the world from the perspective of their colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Integrity offers a safe context in which to orientate appropriate behaviour, examine company culture, create pro-active discussion, and prompt cohesive team decisions. As a personal quality of fairness, integrity is a value that we all aspire to. Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way, and is a critical value for all forward-thinking, future facing companies to embrace.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

The ingenious, tactile task equipment for ‘Integrity’ is hand crafted in workshops offering gainful employment for people with disabilities in Bavaria, Germany.

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