ibuild - hybrid teams

Ignite team communication wherever you are

1.5 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
4 - Unlimited


In iBuild, the end goal is to pass information through a communication chain to create a replica of a model, without seeing it! Each team has a remote player, the Architect who connects to the team through their digital device. The information flows from ‘Architects’, passing to ‘Couriers’ and finally to the ‘Builders’. Fun communication barriers, a strict project deadline and last-minute role switch ruling all add to the pressure in producing an accurate result. Each participant plays a vital role in the success of their team.

Learning Outcomes

iBuild is a unifying experience with strong outcomes focusing on the importance of language, feedback and creating a step by step project strategy. iBuild allows participants to explore different ways of communication: virtual, face to face, verbal and non-verbal. The artificial barriers in the game not only offer a chance to have fun; they also emphasise fundamental principles in exchanging information. The learning outcomes are not limited to improving internal communication and adjusting to the new ways of working; they can also be reflective of best practice in customer relationship management.

together apartRemote - Hybrid - Multilocation

This activity has been designed for face-to-face, remote, hybrid and multi-locational teams. If your team is working from home, in different regional office locations or in different countries ask us about the remote or hybrid version of this activity. Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for your team.

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