Teams act as a football club using strategy, effective communication and creativity to succeed.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
30 - Unlimited


The world’s most popular sport becomes one of the best and most useful corporate activities, challenging your teams to work together to manage and develop their very own football club. This activity is both creative and active. There are so many tasks to attend to from marketing, sponsorship and stadium design to training players, practise and penalty shootouts. Then, with the judges in place, teams then participate in a chant off, showing off their very best football stadium banter. And, since chanting can build up quite a thirst, refreshments are served and players are invited to tour all the stadium models that were created. Finally, scores and feedback are provided and a winner is declared!

Learning Outcomes

Strategy and sound leadership are critical. Teams must employ effective communication and creative thinking as they discuss objectives and develop a plan. Individuals discover others’ strengths and ability. GOALL! demands a variety of skills to succeed.

With such a variety of tasks, roles must be allocated carefully to get the most from the talent within their team. GOALL! is an inclusive activity that makes the fun and energy of football accessible to everyone.

Related Testimonial

Goall!! was active, creative and great fun. It challenged our people to use innovation and active listening in developing strategy together.

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