E Choir Festive

Celebrate your virtual holiday party in Harmony

30 - 45 minutes
8 - Unlimited


E-choir has become a world-renowned teambuilding sensation connecting remote teams and recently utilised to motivate an Olympic team! E-choir festive has been carefully sequenced to overcome the problem of online latency in group music performance. Participants join the party through any meeting platform and keep their mobile devices handy for recording their output (should they wish). Once online, an introductory video ‘zooms’ players directly in our production studios for a live link up with their charismatic tutor. Dancing along is positively encouraged, and everybody is kept on mute during the coaching, which relaxes those who feel uncomfortable about singing. The celebration continues post-event as attendees receive a professionally produced track mixed with all their voices. The final track can also be edited with zoom gallery footage to create a unifying highlight to the year.

Learning Outcomes

The festive period offers an ideal opportunity to reward your team for all their hard work and host a meaningful teambuilding activity with lasting benefits. E-choir strengthens team bonds, promotes a can-do culture and reminds everybody having fun together is essential to productivity. E-choir challenges co-workers to go beyond the impossible and generates a real sense of shared achievement. The non -threatening structure of this inclusive experience leaves even the most reserved participants surprised in what can be achieved in 30 -40 minutes. The final performance edit makes a powerful statement of unity, resilience and readiness for the year to come.

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