Creative Juices

A fast paced game in the world of juices

1 - 2 hours
24 - Unlimited


In Creative Juices, teams represent divisions of a global smoothie company facing logistical issues, setting up international deliveries and planning ahead under tight deadlines. Each team is given the recipe for a smoothie. They need to source the ingredients required from other teams. Through collaboration across teams they set up trade agreements that redistribute resources allowing every team to create their smoothie. Once teams have blended and tasted their smoothies they develop a marketing campaign and strategy to sell their product. The teams present their marketing campaigns to the group. Teams must resolve complex distribution issues and demonstrate how together they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Learning Outcomes

Creative Juices is a fun, fast and furious business simulation. Teams must apply effect business management skills and strategic thinking to a real world supply chain situation. Relaxed and informal participants are free to take risks as they apply network and improve their communication skills over the course of the game to ensure the goal of the group is achieved. Collaboration is key. Creative Juices lays bare the pitfalls of working in silos. It is a great metaphor for cross functional cooperation as teams work towards a common goal managing the project in order for every division to have the correct ingredients at the end of the activity, ensuring that their smoothies or juice blends are as they market them to be.

Related Testimonial

We are seeking the next step and moving the business forward and as an important part of that is to embed a different mindset and therefore a change in culture, and the way we decided to do that was around a set of values that we are looking to implement in the organisation. They have absolutely been met. It’s been an incredibly successful event.

Anthony Sutcliffe, Managing Director
Home Retail Group in Asia

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