Chain Reaction Remote

Remote workers create a series of virtually connected contraptions

1 - 3 hours
4 - Unlimited


Remote teams come together to create a Rube Goldberg style machine consisting of a series of virtually connected contraptions made from common household items. Before the event, participants receive prior reading and a list of items to gather from around the home.On the day, participants join the activity via an online conferencing tool and watch an inspirational training video to get their creative ideas flowing. Individuals show the group the items they have collected. The team discuss how each item could be used and develop an overall plan. Individuals set about to build their simple machines. They test and retest making adjustments, chatting with others in the team to find possible innovative options or constructive solutions.Then its time to virtually connect the contraptions with more fun, creative ideas. Finally, when everyone is ready, the first contraption is fired, then the next until it reaches the final machine!

Learning Outcomes

Chain Reaction - Remote has been specifically designed to engage and bond remote teams.Creative thinking, ingenuity and resourcefulness are required to create a contraption with a truly wow effect. Gamification is a lasting way to reinforcing the importance of planning over action, as well as proofing concepts. As participants must work together virtually to connect the contraptions, collaboration and effective communication will succeed over silo mentality. The final result creates a lasting memory of a fun shared experience.

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