Toy Factory - ASM Assembly Systems, Singapore

Published on 1 Nov 2017

Asia Ability worked with 288 participants from ASM Assembly System, ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. Within the group, ASM Assembly Systems represents the SMT Solutions business segment with the SIPLACE Placement Solutions and DEK Printing Solutions Divisions.

At ASM office, Singapore, Asia Ability facilitated a team building including the most creative, enjoyable and help a child in need – Toy Factory.

Toy Factory is a flexible and new approach to team building that upholds a community conscience. Provided with a mixed bag of whacky wooden parts teams are challenged to combine components and produce a range of high quality children’s toys. Three-dimensional blueprints guide participants through the process and detail a whole gamut of toy designs.

Not only is quality output important, success in Toy Factory is also measured in delivering the goods to deadline. Teams must work together to stay on target.

The toys and any game material will all be donated to a local children’s charity, school or home.

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