DNATA - The Big Picture

Published on 11 Sep 2018

One of the best things about working at a team building company like Asia Ability is the opportunity to meet new people and also work with them for a team building event. The month of June has been reasonably quiet due to public holidays in Malaysia, but we still had a great amount of a fun-filled team building events.

DNATA, also known as Dubai National Air Transport Association, is among the largest suppliers of combined air services in the world. It was founded by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum in 1959 in Dubai and has since grown into international status.

Asia Ability is privileged to have worked with the DNATA team and to work with them in producing the best teambuilding event which was the Big Picture activity. It took nearly half a year to construct a final image that perfectly portrayed their collaboration message as well as linking it to global air services. It was a fun challenge to have for our Asia Ability team handling the designs and sketch. The outcome from all the painstaking hard work was always worth it in the end.

The 80 participants from DNATA flew in internationally for this team building event held in Phuket, Thailand. Banyan Tree Phuket hosted them graciously and has been helpful as always during the event.

DNATA the big picture banyan tree phuket

There were at least 10 teams of 8 people arranged in a group. The Big Picture activity is a creative way of bringing people together by working together. Each teams will receive 2 full sketched canvases which have been mixed around. The challenge would be to find a team that holds the connection to the canvas that was given.

The DNATA team worked very well together and overall enjoyed painting their part on the canvas. The lead facilitator will normally engage with everyone in the room as well as some staff to help assist with the activity. Everybody from the Asia Ability team is made available whenever a team requires assistance.

DNATA the big picture banyan tree phuket

At the end of this 2-hour activity, the Lead Facilitator will end the time and would invite the participants to break for a few minutes before returning to the room for the big reveal. This means that every canvas will be Velcroed to a frame in order for the DNATA team to view their great collaboration work.

The event ran fantastically well and they were very pleased by the fact that the key message – COLLABORATION – was always reiterated and with that, produced great efforts in creating DNATA’s Big Picture.

DNATA the big picture banyan tree phuket

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