Reaching Higher Peaks

Published on 13 Jun 2019

Our Asia Ability team were in Singapore to run a Peak Performance programme for a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. There were around 65 participants who travelled down from Abu Dhabi to Singapore to attend a conference held at JW Marriott South Beach, Singapore.

The international renowned organization wanted a team building that fit right into their theme – professional yet engaging and fun. Peak Performance was the choice they went with and it gave their conference an interesting twist.

The Objective

To provide a unique team building experience before ending a full-day of conference and by incorporating teamwork through technology.

What went on?

The session kicked-off later in the afternoon after lunch break. Our lead facilitator stepped on stage to introduce Peak Performance with a video to set everyone in the mood. After the briefing, teams were encouraged to divide tasks among their teams in order to share information they have read through materials provided. Once they were ready, iPads were distributed to each table for teams to have a go during the game trial session. This would last a few minutes before the real game began.

Many teams felt overwhelmed upon starting the game. That would be a cue for our facilitators to jump in and show them the ropes. Most times teams would get the game instantly but others take a little bit of time. The real game begins after the practice time is up and each team would have panic-stricken eyes but only for a short while. The scores on the screen would normally give them a little push for teams to keep up.

The moment that got everyone excited was when the active challenge stations opened up. There were 5 different active challenges which opened at different times. These challenges were related to climbing the peak of Mount. Everest. Teams were excited to try it out for the benefit of earning more points for their team.

The Finale

The time ticked away and soon there was only a few minutes left on the clock before the game finally ended. Some teams were knee deep in the game and wanted to play another round. Our lead facilitator did a quick review session. The game was a nice touch into their programme and some mentioned they’ve learnt to keep calm, listen to other people and work together. The overall feedback was great, although some have come back still confused about it, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the team building twist in their session.

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