It Takes A Team

Published on 5 Aug 2019

Every team needs a good check in from time to time. This allows everyone to step out from their work zones and get to know each other on another level. As a team building expert, we know each team prioritizes getting the job done and then go home. The next day these actions go on repeat, sometimes it’s automatic, almost robotic. It becomes a toxic routine which can deteriorate anybody’s motivation.

Throw in a little Team Alignment into the mix and your team will realize what teamwork means again. It takes practice but somebody needs to give the right amount of push before the gears function smoothly again.

This is what we noticed from our recent clients from Sazma Air Aviation. They were all about working hard, answering urgent flight requests, and ensuring everything is in order. But it became a routine they are all used to, forgetting that they surround themselves with people they see in a daily basis without really knowing who they are on a personal level.

The team alignment held for Sazma Air was a full day event that included a mix of programmes such as Need for Speed, Beat The Box, and Go Team. This was held in a comfortable setting at ShangRila’s Tanjung Aru Resort in Kota Kinabalu. The total in attendance was 30, but some had to leave in order to answer urgent requests.

What went on?


It was initially a hard start for everyone as most of the people involved were still deep in paperwork and hands-on work. The Sazma participants made it to the session and our Asia Ability team kicked started their engine to keep to time as planned.

The teams were divided into teams of 5 and the Lead Facilitator introduced our team before introducing them to the first programme.

Need for Speed

A brief was given to explain the simple yet very meaningful game. Bags filled with car parts were pulled from under each table. Each team member were told to assign a timekeeper and when the facilitator said go, the time started and teams worked their way at fixing the cars as quick as they could.

There were 4 rounds and each round tested teams on speed and quality. This was a perfect fit for them because of their line of work. Teams improved every round as they grew to understand the meaning behind the programme. After ending this first programme, the Lead Facilitator came on to explain to them about the importance of quality as most of them are engineers and work a lot on helicopters. Our facilitator pressed on the importance of quality more than speed for them. Overall, they were encouraged to find balance between the two in order to make ends meet.


Beat the Box

The group jumped into the next programme and because the team were very technical people who constantly have their mind cracking to solve problems. Beat the Box was a great programme for them to put them to a fun test. We can tell you the teams were beyond frustrated because the play of words on each instructions made it complicated and finding out the solutions was simple. It was challenging for a team when they were told to step out of their comfort and to seek help from other teams. Eventually, everyone got the hang of the game and finished at half-an-hour before the game ended.

Teams were then debriefed on the fundamentals of teamwork and the importance of equality, breaking down the walls of who held what position in the company. This certainly had people nodding around the room in total agreement



After an hour of lunch break, we had to grab the team’s attention after a great meal. We didn’t want them slacking half-way through. So our Lead Facilitator invited everyone up to the front of the room for a quick energizer.

The first one involved everyone arranging themselves in a straight line based on a correct sequence of their birth date. The catch, they had to mime at each other and no one was allowed to utter a word.

The second energizer had a similar vibe. This time they were allowed to speak but only to describe their image. Each person got handed at least 2 photographs that they needed to keep to themselves until the game started. A leader was elected to arrange people into the correct order and only then do they flip their images around to see if they’ve gotten the big picture.

We love quick energizers. It’s a great way to earn the attention back especially during a full day of team alignment.


Go Team

Everyone got back to their seats and the next last thing on their agenda was Go Team! Teams were briefed on the game and this was the best one to close off all the hard work they had to do during the first stage of their session.

The checkpoints for this game were dotted around the resort and even bigger points if they headed out to the main beach at Tanjung Aru.

All teams split up but most opted to stay within resort grounds. Everyone did their best at creative photo and video challenges. They worked great as a team and gave their very best efforts at earning points.

Once the game ended, everyone gathered back into the air-conditioned room and was given one last debrief about fun, but never neglecting your team.

The Finale

The finale was great but we would be lying if we didn’t say our participants were pooped out from all the activities we got them to do. After each games and dissecting every one of it, the microphone was handed over to the General Manager of Sazma Air. He was pleased to experience a different kind of team building session with members of his organization and he has great hopes that they will take away what they learnt that day into their daily work. He also stressed out to his colleagues hoping that they work towards a more equal rights instead of keeping to themselves. They need to voice out their opinions more instead of being afraid of it. So the session as he concluded, was a huge success and he was very happy with it.

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