A good day for an outdoor team building programme

Published on 22 Apr 2019

Asia Ability ran a Go Team programme back in January for Sanofi at Westin Langkawi, Malaysia. It was definitely great to be on Sanofi’s radar again as we have worked with them several times in the past. This time, they chose to hold their meeting in Langkawi and that’s where our Asia Ability team headed to for this programme.

The Objective

To run a 3-hour fun, yet competitive Go Team session for each participants by also incorporating Sanofi’s ideas into the game, which was adding time limit flash challenges. This was to encourage teams to work harder in achieving the end goal – to be a winner through teamwork!

What went on?

The day was perfect. The ocean glimmered from a distance. The hot weather was great but not as preferable compared to air-conditioned rooms. The session started a little after 1.30pm at Westin Langkawi and all 6 teams were pumped up for the game which was within the hotel resort.

The programme took off and teams scattered around the resorts performing their best photo poses and video taking challenges. And then the fun bit began when “Flash Challenges” popped up on the template. These “Flash Challenges” would pop up for a few minutes before disappearing again. There were a few of these “Flash Challenges” after a few minutes. Teams who get to it on time would earn their bonus points and those who missed out on them earned no points.

It was amazing to see the creativity that was shown by each participants. It was clear that this programme was the right choice to boost their competitive and teamwork spirit.

The Finale

After being under the hot sun for 3-hours, all 6 teams were eager to get some cooler shade and hit the shower. But before they did, our team did a quick debrief and review from each team. The programme ran very well and they thoroughly shined as a team.




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