Bridging the Divide and Team Survival - Manulife Financial Services

Published on 15 Jan 2017

Asia Ability worked with Manulife, the leading global financial services company to facilitate 2 active and exciting days of teambuilding for 220 participants from across their Asian Leadership team, that aligned to their conference message of ONE TEAM.

On Day 1 participants were transported to the nearby Adventure Centre in Kuilu where they took part in a day of Jungle TEAM SURVIVAL. Teams worked to complete (and compete in) a variety of tasks and challenges around the venue, planning and co-ordinating their group and resources carefully with the objective of scoring as many points as possible. Team challenges included river rafting, fire starting, blowpipes and logic challenges to name a few, all taking place around the beautiful jungle riverside location.

On Day 2 Asia Ability facilitated the indoor or outdoor event BRIDGING THE DIVIDE. Working with limited budgets, resources and time frames, teams worked together to construct and design a huge company bridge. Bridging the Divide is a fun, engaging, hands on event with powerful metaphors- all departments of an organization strive towards their own objective but also play a vital role in the bigger picture of achieving organization goals. The efforts of ALL teams are literally “linked” together in a powerful demonstration of the Power of One.

Customer Testimonial

“Manulife is one of the largest insurance companies in the world and it is the earliest insurance company that enters the Asian market. We believe that continuous development of our leaders is the key to the sustainable growth of our business. Therefore, during the beginning of each year we
gather all leaders in Asia not only to plan ahead for the year but also go through leadership development. This year, we partnered with Asia Ability in our Asia Leadership Conference 2017 at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Asia Ability helped us to facilitate an outdoor teambuilding event at their
Adventure Centre as well as a team collaborative event at our main venue of the Conference for our 200+ Asian leaders! The two events were customized to align with the theme of our Conference and they became the key highlights of our Conference. Satisfying all leaders is never an easy job but Asia Ability did it. I would like to thank all staff members of Asia Ability for their dedications and professionalism. Our 2017 Conference will not be successful without the partnership with Asia Ability”

Benny Lee – Senior Director, Global Leadership and Learning, Manulife Asia

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