SCG Dow Thailand - Beatswork

Published on 28 Aug 2018

The month of June was a relaxed one, but it definitely didn’t disappoint. During the first week, the Asia Ability team ran a Beatswork programme for 15 participants from SCG Dow in Thailand. It was a small group and they proved that small can be very powerful!

This dedicated group displayed the essence of greatness. They were focused and determined to be in sync with everyone else, and proved what teamwork truly is. They were a great bunch to work with and enjoyed every session.

Beatswork is a programme that allows each participant to choose an instrument and practice it to form an amazing tune. An instructor will lead each instrument owner and give every person the comfort in playing together.

What a great outcome for SCG Dow. Well done team!You proved that when a team come together, they can make beautiful music.

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