BeatsWork ignites team spirit in KL

Published on 30 Nov 2018

International Pharmaceutical Company were looking to spice up their offsite meeting in Kuala Lumpur with some high impact team building event that would be creative, unusual and fun. Beatswork, the original drum cafe workshop designed by Catalyst Global was chosen for the occasion.

With about 350 participants, this truly was team building on a grand musical scale! Upon arrival of the unsuspecting participants to Lanai in KL, straight out of lunch that followed a morning meeting, they were introduced to the facilitators and then split into three groups of about a 100 per team. They were then ushered into three separate areas with respective facilitators aka sambista to practice performing with different samba instruments.

drumming workshop beatswork

At the end of their workshop, all team reconvened into the main hall to perform the grand finale in unison and as a group.

The objective of this program was to show the participants how even when faced with a situation in which no one has any experience or thought possible before, can actually be achieved when the group pools in their resources and work together to harness different skills, reflected by the different instruments that they used to perform with.

For the delivery of this programme, Asia Ability utilized 3 sambista experts and a maestre to guide the teams and an extra 4 facilitators to assist in the programme execution. Everything went smoothly and with events like this, there is no wastage of materials and everything is recyclable and reusable.

The positive feedback from the client touched on the great energy exuded from the team spirit ignited from the overall session and not forgetting the surprise of their own newfound “musical” skills.

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