AIA NZ Group Beat the Box

Published on 5 Oct 2018

Wonderful time was spent with the AIA New Zealand group mid-July. A pretty small group of 16 participants were involved in this team building. Our Asia Ability team met up with the group at the Pusat Kreative Kanak-Kanak Tuan Ku Bainun.

The AIA NZ group chose two brain-teasing games that are also really great for teams to work together on. The first one they worked on was Beat the Box, which is based on time and a lot of puzzles to solve in order to open all the suitcases. Participants work in teams and will need to combine skills to help each other solve the mystery of the box!

It was a fun challenge for the AIA NZ group and they all discovered that it’s not only about working in their own team but to open up and work with others as well. This is an engaging game that involves a lot of cognitive thinking.

FreshBiz is a business-like board game that was played about this group. This is much more challenging as people tend to be into the ‘monopoly’ mindset. FreshBiz takes you out of that thinking and helps you realize that it’s not all about you, but the concept of us is what makes everyone successful.

It was a successful session with AIA NZ with minds wide open as these two programmes helped them see things a little differently than when they first stepped into the room.

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