Johnny Machiels Event Master

Johnny Machiels

Managing Partner at Event Masters


Managing Partner at Event Masters with 23 years experience in team building, training, events and managing teams.

Johnny began working at Event Masters 23 years ago as a trainee. After going through different jobs (student, trainee, assistant, junior, senior) within the company, he decided to take over Event Masters as Managing Partner together with his two other associates. He specialised in Team building and led the department ever since. The Entertraining and logistics departments are also his responsibility. Johnny also focuses on the french department of Event Masters and is looking more and more to develop sustainable partnerships to support business growth. So, next to managing Event Masters as a whole, his day-to-day work consists of actively selling team building. He also organises them, facilitates them and works as an MC. His strength is his multilingualism. This allows him to facilitate team building in English, French or Dutch. Some other strengths:

  • Johnny creates new team building concepts on a regular basis. This allows the department to stay innovative.
  • He watches over the team building concepts and makes sure they stay up to date. He is also constantly looking to improve his department and develop the business.
  • Johnny is a real team building ambassador. He regularly gives presentations at schools and HR-congresses. From his experience, he wants to professionalise team building as an HR-tool. That's the reason why the entertraining department was founded.
  • A mixture between training and the fun of teambuilding. Some concepts can also be used to recruite candidates for a job.

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