gerry skerritt

Gerry Skerritt

Founding member of Dream Team Catalyst


Founder member of Dream Team Catalyst, Southern Africa’s premier team development company formed in 1992.

Gerry is a skilled and passionate trainer & facilitator. He brings a fresh and unconventional approach, hallmarked by a relaxed yet upbeat humour delivered in an imitable style, to the many varied events and activities that his company stages with leading organisiations across the African continent. He knows exactly how to connect with people and his mission is to maximise the engagement of each and every audience member throughout the proceedings, keeping them on their toes so to speak, at even the most routine functions. His real forte is in hosting, chairing or anchoring live, unscripted events that require “thinking on your feet”. He doesn’t take himself too seriously; he is optimistic, witty and unashamedly energetic. You may be forgiven for wondering “what is Gerry on”? It must be said however that to date all tests for illegal substances have come back negative!

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