Physically Distanced-The Future of Teambuilding

The Future of Teambuilding ??

Published on 23 Oct 2020 by David Powell

Our team building innovation journey continues into the next phase in some countries with carefully designed live team events that ensure an engaging team experience while also following Asia Ability’s detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as well as all local and venue specific requirements.

There is no doubt that as more teams continue to work remotely there will be a long term demand for virtual teambuilding going forward. The current pandemic means innovations in the field are happening with lightning speed and will continue long after lockdowns are over – to serve and support teams working in global, virtual or remote work environments who may also be less inclined to travel for meetings and conferences with their counterparts. As much as we will ALL get better at working remotely, telecommuting and the day-to-day business of communication & collaboration by video calls… we do predict that when this current pandemic has run its course, there will be a huge need to PHYSICALLY CONNECT with each other – in a way that sharing REAL experiences can do. We may get better at sharing our reports by video call, but we will still WANT to be TOGETHER to build our relationships. So whether that’s playing Samba as part of band, building boats on the beach or painting toys to give to an orphanage, some experiences are most definitely best shared and felt in person.

We also foresee that there will be a growth in Hybrid events where part of a larger regional team meets in person with appropriate Standard Operating Procedures in place for meetings, networking and teambuilding while the rest of the team joins the conference virtually. Asia Ability have designed and are already starting to deliver teambuilding events that fully engage both those onsite and those joining virtually in a truly interactive hybrid team experience. There may even be opportunities to involve a much larger cross section of the organisation’s staff that are not able to all travel at the same time for operational or financial reasons. The whole regional organisation could virtually join those able to travel and participate in a truly memorable whole team experience!

David Powell

Managing Director

The Managing Director of Asia Ability Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and Asia Ability Training Pte Ltd (Singapore).

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