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Just Keep Moving Forward – Connecting is KEY !

Published on 10 Nov 2020 by Jessica Ho

2020 has indeed been a challenging time. A whole new challenge where the whole world needed to work towards. It wasn’t a battle to be fought alone as everyone else were and are in the same boat as you! I get it. It’s different, it’s difficult and it’s scary. But hey! Look how far we have gone? It’s been months (almost a year in fact!), BUT here we are getting stronger and adapting to the new ways of working.

Over the past few months, we have been on an exciting journey with new Virtual and Remote activities rolling into our life stories; where it seems like the whole world is also moving towards. In all honesty, in the beginning, it was tough and daunting. Not knowing what awaits us and the many uncertainties that is to come. But that shouldn’t stop us from advancing. Life still goes on and so must we...!

Asia Ability has been very privileged to have fantastic partners and to be part of the Catalyst Global Network. Great ideas and support that has helped us get through this tough time. Great things in business is never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. And together, we’ve come up with fantastic activities re-connecting people.

In this short period of time, we are proud to share that we have connected with over 3,000 people worldwide thru the various team activities we offer such as Race Around The World Online, The Infinite Loop Online, Escape The Mob Online, Breakout Bingo to name a few. Our activities are specially designed to enhance teamwork, collaboration and re-connect teams. What’s even more satisfying is that our clients loved them! Here’s what a couple of clients have to say…

Just Keep Moving Forward – Connecting is KEY - blog

Near or far, there’s always a way to re-connect. The internet has kept us connected in many ways before this. Now, it can do it in new and more creative ways. Take this time to re-connect with people, re-energise yourself and re-engage your teams.

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