Training and Development

Asia Ability’s Corporate Training programmes provide participants with impactful learning experiences by presenting groups with tasks, challenges and activities. Such experiential learning, supported by classroom based workshop and theory sessions, proves to be an extremely effective method of executive development.

High Performing Teams

Often organisations are looking for ways of delivering consistent messages in people development terms across the world. What is regularly a challenge is to make those messages culturally appropriate in all regions. Corporate culture may be strong, but it must always be played out in a way that accommodates the local culture.

Leadership Development

Most organizations believe that they are in need of more leadership in order to drive performance under ever more complex trading conditions, whether caused by globalization, market conditions or political shifts in the approach to issues such as climate change and corporate social responsibility.

Talent Liberation

Harnessing the discretionary energy of your employees is a source of incredible competitive advantage as well as being very rewarding for all concerned. In the thinking of Alex Linley and Marcus Buckingham, talent exists in all parts of the organization and in every employee – more than just the selected few. If organizations can tap into this, they will become more successful; they will genuinely be employers of choice; and will encourage people to make a difference in their world.