At Asia Ability, in addition to offering powerful Ability Experiences to our clients, we strive to create exceptional working conditions and opportunities for our team. We are energised and inspired by the positive, inclusive and highly creative environment of each of our offices.


As an organization that often works in and with the natural environment, we believe it is vitally important to us that we conduct our work with minimal negative environmental impact. In working with people, Asia Ability believes that forming long lasting relationships is the right approach. Whether it comes to our clients, agents, staff, supplier or peers acting and behaving with integrity is fundemental to us.


At Asia Ability, we believe in giving back to the community whenever possible. Our programmes are designed to not only form stronger bonds amongst participants, regardless of  their status, but to foster the virtue of caring for the communities and the environment we live and work in, through community projects and contributions.

Our aim is to support local communities and we do this by using local resources, both human and material wherever possible, whilst encouraging new talent and skills training in our local work force.

With regards to wellbeing, all our programmes are undertaken to the highest international safety standards. Depending on the nature of the programmes, our Asia Ability Team is supported by qualified technical personnel in various fields including jungle survival,  trekking, rope course activities and white water rafting.

Above all, this ensures that everyone makes it home after their Ability Experience fit and well!